Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

It’s hard to believe that it’s the start of a new year, a brand new year that gives you a fresh slate on life and new possibilities. There’s hope for something greater than the year before with a sense of that this year would be better.


In December of 2019, I begin to prepare for bankcruptcy due to an old debt that came back to haunt me and it wasn’t pretty and somehow I knew one day, the debt will come back and kick my ass. As the process started, the questions were so long that it took a while to answer everything as accurate as possible.

Then in January, I begin to file the offfical documents and the waiting process begins. After a month of waiting, the interview begins and it took 10 minutes answering questions and from there after two months, debts were finally discharged.


As the year begins, finding out about covid-19 was no fun, then in March, the shutdown begins and everyone or most people begins working from home. As an essential work, having to go into the office every other day was no fun at all, bring a heavy 17″ laptop back and forth was such a pain in the butt and being at home was hard enough with a three year old running, kicking, and screaming. I guess most of people would call it, a normal day for a three year old.

Eventually went back to the office everyday for two weeks then out of nowhere, finding out that one of the co-worker’s family member tested positive for covid and luckily the co-worker tested negative. Tho, we had to go back to the schedule of working from home every other day.

Then also finding out my wife’s co-worker also tested positive. We decided to get test just in case and luckily enough we came back negative. The good came out that the person who tested postive never actually came in to work so technically the work place was free from covid.

I Think that overall this pandemic is so overwhelm and hearing a lot of people died everyday seems unreal especially hearing newborns without a mother after being born and is definitely heartbreaking.

Now that we have vaccines, it’s definitely going to take some time to heal for some time.

Death in the Family

Not a month ago, my dad passed away due to complications from a heart surgery he had two months prior. He was going in and out of hospital and see him struggle is such a hard thing to watch. At the end, it was a peacful good bye.


I think that overall for the year 2020 was pretty much very hectic and hopefully this brand new year would have a happy ending. I haven’t really write a lot this year due to pandemic and being lazy not doing any bloggings or updating my porfolio. I guess this is it for now.