Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile.

After years of moving from carriers to carriers, it was time to find something that cost less and still gets somewhat the best reception in my area. Throughout the years I have used AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. I do find that all carriers have their ups and downs from their bundles to their pricing.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data will always a plus in my book because you can binge and binge and binge movies, tv shows and you don’t have to worried about running out of data whatsoever. But the question remains, do you really need Unlimited Data! I think that we all should reconsider if you really need unlimited data because first, you are always going to be connected to some kind of WiFi at home or work.

Most of these Unlimited Data will have some kind of benefits went you select a certain bundle such as Sprint have Hulu for free, T-Mobile with taxes included, and Netflix and whereas Verizon now has the Disney+ bundled with ESPN+ and Hulu, Apple Music, and Discovery+. But most of these days you will need to purchase 4 lines to begin and usually, the price starts at $160-$180 depending on the mobile carrier you choose.

Shared Data

Shared Data is another option, this just allows you to choose a certain data limit and how many lines you have will share that data limit throughout the devices you have. I believe all carriers have some kind of shared data.

Prepaid Plans

Prepaid is also another option but I still think is still over price to and no benefits whatsoever. But the good thing about this is no you are no longer in part of a post paid you don’t ahve to pay advanced just to keep your plan going.


If you are one of those people who likes to keep your mobile plans as cheap as possible. There are alternatives such as Cricket Wireless, Metro, Boost Mobile, Republic Wireless, and there are more. But just to give you an outline of these I just mentioned. Metro, Boost Mobile, Republic Wireless all uses T-Mobile/Sprint Network, Cricket Wireless uses AT&T Network. Cricket Wireless is actually one of the best plans so far I have seen since they have 4 lines for $100 but since they are using AT&T’s network, the network will be slightly slower since they will prioritize.

Mint Mobile

Here’s another company, Mint Mobile is a company that is designed and owned by Ryan Reynolds, yes you called it (Deadpool). I think that this company has the cheapest plans I have seen so far and it also uses T-Mobile/Sprint Network. So far, I have been using Mint Mobile for the past week or so and I have successfully moved over. At this time, I now do not have unlimited data since they do offer it, I decided to get their cheaper plan at $180/year for 3GB of data.

They do offer 3GB at $15/month (annually), 8GB at $20/month (annually), 12GB at $25/month (annually), and unlimited data at $30/month (annually). They also do have 3-months, 6-month plans but why not just get annually since is cheaper overall.

Overall, it has been great so far and it was definitely worth it downgrading and I don’t ahve to think about spening hundreds of dollars on a mobile plan at all and saved me over $1,000/year.

Come and Join the fun, get your free month with Mint Mobile.