My Personal Blog


Throughout the years of using WordPress, I have finally decided to move away from WordPress for my personal blog and explore new possibilities as a developer and a programmer. It was not an easy decision but in the end, it was the right decision for me because I wanted to learn new things rather than sticking with WordPress as my personal blogging system. 

Other Opportunties

These past few weeks or so, I have been exploring different types of systems (content management systems), and some of them were great and some weren’t as great as I hope to be. I eventually started learning Gatsby, React, Jekyll (Github Pages), and other great systems. but they weren’t for me. 

A few months back, I stumble upon an interesting project that Justin Tadlock created (Nova), a flat custom management system that uses PHP and dynamic rendering to display contents. I didn’t really think I would be using it at first since I didn’t really understand how the system work then one day, I just started taking it apart and finally understand how the system works. 

Using the Nova Framework

I eventually started modifying and figuring out what I don’t need and what I need and now, here I am and now I can say is welcome to my new and improve not so new since it is the same design that I was using when I had WordPress. I eventually started to take the framework and remove any unwanted features that I don’t need and start rebuilding the site and now here I am. I know that it may look the same as before but in the end, I have fully control of everything.

In the end, I will be using WordPress on my other site which is currently under construction. I figured WordPress is moving fast and implementing FSE (Full Site Editing), I might as well take this time as well and learned as much as possible and so that I would or may go back to WordPress personally.