GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages.

GitHub Pages is a static hosting service that takes HTML, CSS/SCSS, and JavaScript files straight from a GitHub Repository. You can host your own GitHub Pages with own domain or you can use your own custom domain for free on GitHub pages, but domain names are not free, something that you will need to purchase.

The Site Generator

When working with GitHub Pages, you can customize or create your own project using Jeykll which is also a built-in generator for GitHub Pages. Jekyll can also be served up any kind of server that supports Jekyll.

Jekyll - Static Generator

Jekyll is a static site generator that is written in Ruby. It can generate static pages using several templates and fires the whole site written in a text markup language like Markdown through the liquid converters to generate a fully markdown. You can checkout my GitHub page over at this link, but is not fully complete yet since I still in the process of building the site from scratch.