It has been 19 months since Matthew was born and it has been a never-ending journey and everyday is a new adventure for both of us as parents. I still remembered the day that Matthew was born and it was definitely a God send. After we took him home, we barely slept but I got […]

Two Weeks Later

After about two weeks, well technically 13 days without home internet. It has been quite different because now I don’t even use my computer much anymore and I don’t have to worried about having slow connections whatsoever. The most interesting thing is that I have been spending more time doing other stuff like taking care […]

Home Internet

Sorry guys, I was supposed to write something on Friday and I ended up being so lazy to write about stuff that happened during the week. So today, I have little free time. As you all know that Wife and Kid finally came home after a 2.8 month of loneliness at home and I couldn’t […]