Backdrop Core

Backdrop Core in reality isn’t really a framework framework in the first place because it was more for me to re-organized files and where to put files in a good location so that it would be easier to grab when working a theme for development for WordPress.  So I needed (more…)

Building a Framework

I know that it has been at least two weeks since my last post, I have been working on a framework for myself that I can use when developing a WordPress theme for the Repository and being able to use framework may help in this case. When I first (more…)

Theme Update (Camaraderie)

So this past few days or so, I have been working on a new theme update for Camaraderie, a WordPress theme that supports blog, photography and portfolio. I wanted to get this done before the week begin so that I can start focusing on updating the rest of the themes over at the WordPress theme repository.