A Memory to Last a Lifetime

Please note that I will be updating this post often as new things start to happen and this section will get deleted as the post gets more and more up to date.

Three years ago, a newborn arrives on January 4, 2017, at 06:02 am at 7lbs 5oz. His name is Matthew Justin Lu who has been a blessing throughout the years. Happy Birthday little shit.

Parenthood is a never-ending journey and every single day is a new adventure in seeing this guy grow each day and making stupid mistakes along the way but it has been great to be part of this guy’s life.

The day when Matthew came home was so hard because for one, lack of sleep even if I took almost a month off from work, but man, it was hard, terrify and fun at the same time. I guess that being a first-time parent has its moment but each month that past, it got even easier and easier because we eventually got to sleep more as Matthew starts to sleep more and longer hours.

As the years went back, Matthew started walking at 10 months, started somewhat talking at 12-14 months or so but man, he learned quick. I am truly amazed at how much this guy learned by himself especially, he started walking without help from us

To this day, Matthew likes PJ Masks and gettings freaking annoying because most of his cars now are all PJ Masks stuff and cars and cars and cars.

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