Benjamin Lu

Themes & Plugins

A week ago or so, I have launch my new and improved starter theme and my very own framework to help me launch new themes. As of this, WordPress 5.2 will be release tomorrow May 7, 2019 and I am currently re-building my own site as much as possible to be fully integrated with Gutenberg.

So I begin to use the plugin Gutenberg because of new features that comes with it since the core is still little behind. Please also note that, themes will be compatible with Gutenberg out of the box, therefore it will just work.

Old Themes

I was going to rebuild every single theme that I have release and use my framework but but I realized that is it really worth the effort. Maybe, for those that has a lot of active install, I will probably end up doing minor changes here and there, while some things weren’t as much will probably get a re-launched soon.

New Themes

New themes will be using the new starter theme as well as the Backdrop Core as my base. I will eventually try to add new theme supports specifically for Gutenberg, so see you soon.

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