AuthorBenjamin Lu

Marvel Studios

So this past weekend, I decided to try and watch the entire 22 Movie in a different order ( chronological order ) and so far it makes sense. So here is the list of the movie I watched so far and I will update this while I continue to watch. …continue reading

Satellite Internet

Ever since we moved to our own place in 2013, I have been bouncing around looking for a perfect internet service provider and then I found some especially when Clear was still around with unlimited data but then it was no more, then went to DSL for couple of years …continue reading

Using Linux

Ever since I switched to Linux, it has been a productive experience throughout the last 3 years or so. Well, less than 3 years while using different Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, POP OS, and Elementary OS. There are other distributions, but these four were the ones I …continue reading

Welcome to the New You

It has been quite some time since I updated this site, well actually, I’ve kept this domain for some time and I couldn’t figure what to do with it. So this year, I wanted to use this domain as for my own personal blog Over the past few years or …continue reading