AuthorBenjamin Lu


This past few days, I have been trying to configure a virtual machine that allows me to do automation from scratch instead of creating a virtual machine manually which can take some time to do all of the configurations needed for a project. This is where packer comes in play, …continue reading


As a WordPress developer, having a well-known environment is very important from my point of view. These days, there is a lot of a different kind of environment such as XAMPP, LAMP, MAMP, Bitnami for WordPress, DesktopServer, and Flywheel by local which was brought by WP Engine. These are great …continue reading


In recent years, I have been using Nextcloud, cloud storage that is considered to be an open source project that allows you to install on a dedicated server or a local server to be used as cloud storage. It is similar to Dropbox, OneDrive, and other services out there. What …continue reading

Animation Gif

What I found recently since using Linux, able to use a software that allows you to anime your screen into a gif format. These software has made things easier when you are helping someone with work or programs on how things work and doing a small gif does that, it …continue reading

Using Linux

Ever since I switched to Linux, it has been a productive experience throughout the last 3 years or so. Well, less than 3 year while using different Linux distributions, such as, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, POP OS, and Elementary OS. There are other distributions, but these four were the ones I …continue reading

Welcome to the New You

It has been quite some time since I updated this site, well actually, I’ve kept this domain for some time and I couldn’t figure what to do with it. So this year, I wanted to use this domain as for my own personal blog Over the past few years or …continue reading