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Digital Ocean

This past week, one of my server crashed due to resizing, something that was unexpected to see. It took a while to figured what happened, so submitting a ticket doesn’t seem to work with Digital Ocean and since Technical Support is non-exist due to all servers that is/are build within ( continue reading… )

A Minor Relaunch

A week ago or so, I have launch my new and improved starter theme and my very own framework to help me launch new themes. As of this, WordPress 5.2 will be release tomorrow May 7, 2019 and I am currently re-building my own site as much as possible to ( continue reading… )

Projects ( Release Today )

It’s that time, when you finally finished a project is about to get release, it’s happening today!!. I am going to introduced 3 final project that I have been working on since the beginning of this year. Well, more of a restructure of the projects. The three projects are SandBox ( continue reading… )

Backdrop Post Types

Wow! after a long and active developing WordPress themes and plugins. I would like to introduce you to my second ever plugin Backdrop Post Types. Mainly because, I always wanted to come out with a custom post type that doesn’t involve having to figure out certain things when working with ( continue reading… )

PHP Developer

As a WordPress developer, I have been busy in the last 3 weeks or so learning about how to become a better PHP developer and taking what I have learned and apply it to my daily routine as a WordPress developer. I started to learn to use Abstract, Interface, Classes ( continue reading… )

Camaraderie ( v1.0.9 )

This couple of days are so, I have been modifying and updating Camaraderie with the new Backdrop Core that I have develop in my spare time and so far it has been quite interesting on how it works. Camaderie is a fully responsive theme ( mobile first ) and it ( continue reading… )

Welcome to the New You

It has been quite some time since I updated this site, well actually, I’ve kept this domain for some time and I couldn’t figure what to do with it. So this year, I wanted to use this domain as my portfolio and tutorials and other stuff that I have learned ( continue reading… )