Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Another year has come to a close and another year yet begins to start a new resolution. Looking back in the year of 2019 has been quite an adventure and each year has its ups and downs but I guess that is normal to an extent.

In the past few years, I have the opportunity to write as many blogs I possibly can, but I have never been good at it, always push it aside and never seen to find a good topic to talk about and ended up not writing anything at all, personally and professionally.

2019 in Review

It has been quite an interesting year and while looking back, I wish I could have done a few things differently and there were some things that I wasn’t prepared for.

Biggest Moment of 2019

The big moment of 2019 was

  • Turning a year older ( 36 )
  • Building a Framework for WordPress themes
  • Building a Starter theme for the Framework
  • Learning Docker and Vagrant

Other than that, I believe the biggest moment of 2019 is to really spend time with the son ( Matthew ) and do stupid things as a parent. Matthew is the only child and it has been quite adventurous, learning and yelling, and getting frustrated all the time, but at the end of all things, we are one big family who just adores everything in life.


As a WordPress developer, who works with themes and plugins in the past year has taught me a lot of different opportunities and how to solve certain things. In the year 2019, I begin developing environments for WordPress using Vagrant and Docker and it has been quite an interesting learning experience. There are other 3rd party environments that I could have used to avoid using Vagrant or Docker, but in the end, I just didn’t like using these because I couldn’t get certain things to work or it doesn’t have what I need. I ended up using Docker on Linux and macOS because they are a little similar and easy to use since they use similar functionality since it is base on Linux and Unix.

I have not been productive when it comes to doing reviews for the WordPress community and it has been not interesting anymore due to the changes of the review team, but I guess that overall, its a volunteer work and maybe I need to start doing something about it since there are a lot of different opportunities due to the new Gutenberg Editor and it has been a challenging learning new things.


When it comes to writing a blog or essay, it has been hard and honestly, I am no writer, to begin with, so writing this has been challenging and making sure that while writing this will make sense whatsoever. This past year, I was hoping to write more, but eventually, stop writing because I couldn’t find any topic to talk about and I am hoping to change that when 2020 begins.

There were actually a lot of topics I could have written but wasn’t enough to get it going and the fact that some things got in the way of writing. I don’t even know if that makes sense. On the side, while writing this, I have been using Grammarly to check my spelling, what words not to use or if the grammar is wrong. It has definitely become very helpful during this time of writing.


I think overall when it comes to goals, there isn’t much, but I did a few things that consider being goals of 2019. One is being able to learn Vagrant and Docker, a way for me to create my own environment for WordPress and not rely on other people’s work. If you haven’t figured what they are, then let me briefly explain as simple as possible.


Vagrant is an automation tool to help you create an environment as quickly as possible and manage a virtual machine in a single workflow. I believe it has its moments but at the end of everything, it has been interesting to learn how vagrant works and how it ties to VirtualBox at the same time. I do have a working environment that I have created, but I haven’t really decided on whether to archive or ban it because Docker has been an interesting learning process and it has been easier to work with.


Docker is platform for developers to build, share and run applications in a container natively without the need to use other resources such as virtual machines as its main source. Docker has been quite interesting and I have learned so much within a few days of learning and using automation to build my own WordPress environment.

These projects I have mentioned can be found on my GitHub page. Please also note that these projects have been in the development stage and not in the production stage because I am still working on things that should have been done previously and I am hoping to continue to get these done in the incoming year of 2020.

Conclusion of 2019

When it comes to 2019, I think it has been quite a year and it has taught me much about certain things that I could have done. I know that I haven’t talked about family but I think I should in the near future and share what I think is necessary when it comes to parenthood or whatnot.

Goals of 2020

As the year begins for 2020, I would like to say Happy New Year and hope that everyone is having a blast of your life as the year begin with a fresh start of life even if life isn’t getting anymore younger

One of the goals for this year is to start writing as much as possible when a topic comes to mind or maybe free writing, something that I should be doing in the previous years of owning a site. I think is time to change that.


The majority of this year is to set a budget for how much we save and how much expenses that go out and understand what we could do to avoid spending too much because honestly, there will always be some kind of unexpected cost that no one can avoid.

I think that overall, everyone should set a goal when it comes to finances and understands how much money is going out each month even if its an uncharted territory when it comes to using money wisely.


When it comes to projects, I have a few things I need to work on and improved some of the existing projects so I can at least release some to the public even if my projects are on GitHub but it doesn’t mean its ready for use.

One of the projects I am considering to do is create a theme that is fully functional and integrated with Gutenberg as much as possible using my framework which is something that needs improvements as well.

The second project is my docker environment, the only thing I am missing is documentation. I haven really decide where to put these documentations because currently, I have two sites that I am willing to use. The other site is purely for professional blogs and portfolios and other works that come to mind.

Personal Achievements

Personal achievements have been an interesting one for me and this year, I think I need to spend less on the computer when I am at home and spend time with family but there are some things that are unavoidable due to work and stuff.

I would like also to point out, I am using a theme that is not mine since I am in the process creating a new theme specifically for this site and the other one, it will take me a few days to complete and hopefully I can start using it.

Final Conclusion

I think that pretty much covers everything for this upcoming year. Happy New Year!

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