In recent years, I have been using Nextcloud, cloud storage that is considered to be an open source project that allows you to install on a dedicated server or a local server to be used as cloud storage. It is similar to Dropbox, OneDrive, and other services out there.

What is Nextcloud

Nextcloud offers your data at your fingertips under your control anywhere and everywhere. It allows you to store your documents, pictures, contacts and other services that come in mind. Nextcloud is something that I have been using over the years and it has been good so far.

Nextcloud is similar to Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and other services that provide cloud storage, but in this case, it’s free and it is open source. You can install Nextcloud on a local computer that acts like a server, setup HTTPS for the fun of it or creates a server from Digital Ocean or any place that allows you to set up Nextcloud for free.

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