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It’s that time, when you finally finished a project is about to get release, it’s happening today!!. I am going to introduced 3 final project that I have been working on since the beginning of this year. Well, more of a restructure of the projects. The three projects are SandBox ( WordPress Development ), Initiator ( WordPress Theme Starter ) and Backdrop Core ( Framework for WordPress )


One of a project that I have been working on that allows you to create custom WordPress sites locally for development. In the recent years, I have been bouncing around using different types of software that does the same thing, but in any case, I have no control of how things works and how to modify them the way I want, so Sandbox was created for this purpose. Sandbox uses VirtualBox and Vagrant at tool to manage virtual machines

So today, I will be releasing my first public release of version 1.0.0 to the public which you can find at my GitHub page. I would recommended if you do use this, please download the the actual release instead of cloning the repo, this way, I have better chance of troubleshooting if things works or not.


A starter theme I that I have been working on that also uses a framework that I have been working on as well ( Backdrop Core ). I just wanted to so something different instead of creating a theme from scratch, now I have a based that I can duplicate and make changes on the way. Theme itself uses PSR-4 autoload ( composer ) which you can grab a copy using composer.

Backdrop Core

PSR-4 Autoload Framework build to ease development process. It is still in a working progress but it is ready to be release as a public version and hopefully it gets the job done.

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