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This past couple of months, I have been working on my latest project ( Sandbox ). Sandbox is a WordPress Development Platform that uses VirtualBox and Vagrant together to make your web development easy and ready to be used out of the box. Everything little things such as Linux ( Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ), Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7.2 is all included. No need to start over when you are planning on buying a new computer or an existing computer that can handle virtual machines.


What is exactly is VirtualBox? VirtualBox is a powerful and yet a free tool to allow you to create guest operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac ( if you can get to work ), this allows you to create any operating system on your own desktop or laptop without the need to buy a new computer for any reasons. A laptop or desktop that supports Virtualization Technology and lots of ram. The more ram you have the better performance will be.


The best command line utility that ever across with. Vagrant has made my life easy because not only it can provision scripts but allows you to control how VirtualBox works by using Vagrantfile and pretty sure you have to learn ruby for it.

With VirtualBox and Vagrant, you can use it under Linux, WIndows and Mac and everything will be in sync with any kind of web development. Before VirtualBox and Vagrant, I had to build a web server with all the necessary features and apps for each operating systems and it was taking way too long and if something happens to the computer, then I have to re-configured everything once more.

Why Sandbox

Sandbox is now in its stable release of 0.0.3 which you can find at my GitHub ( Repository ). All you need to do and download the latest stable version and just make sure that you have virtualbox and vagrant and vagrant-hostsupdater’s plugin for vagrant for everything


What you should have as follow

  • VirtualBox 6.0 or higher
  • Vagrant 2.2.1 or higher
  • A Linux, Windows or Mac

Once you have those, you will need to make sure on Windows that the hosts file is writable to the users ( the local user that you are using ) so that Vagrant/VirtualBox and write to it. Linux and Mac usually asks for your local user’s password so that can write to the hosts file. In most cases by default, you should install a plugin as follow

vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater

Download a copy of the sandbox to any location on your computer, this location will be your home for your projects that will generate. Please note that when you first vagrant up, it will generate a dashboard, sandbox site and ssl certifications.

The entire project of sandbox relies on SSL Certificates so you have to install them on your local computer to fully work.

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