Satellite Internet

Ever since we moved to our own place in 2013, I have been bouncing around looking for a perfect internet service provider and then I found some especially when Clear was still around with unlimited data but then it was no more, then went to DSL for couple of years and finding that having a 1MB speed isn’t worth the price that I was paying for.

I live in a manufactured home near Pomona and basically, there’s no cable nor FIOS so being able to use the internet has been a bitch throughout the years. We couldn’t get Frontier FIOS ( Verizon FIOS ), or Spectrum, or AT&T or any providers that don’t cap you at a specific data used within the month.

However, I did use the mobile hotspot for a while as well, but man, when you use it all up, you have to wait for the billing cycle to end and it was bleh.

The only option was satellite internet, but Hugenet and other service provider were all caps and I didn’t wanna spend that kind of money just to have it cap, but I did wait for a while and eventually Viasat ( Formerly Exede ) had unlimited data but the price of $89/month was overkill but its unlimited.

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