My Own Vagrant Environment

It has been two weeks since I’ve updated the site with a post but here we are again. In this past two weeks or so, I have been building up a WordPress Development environment that allows me to use on varies of different operating systems such as Linux (Elementary OS), ( more… )


Ahh, I’ve been looking for different types of Photoshop alternatives because I have been running Linux for past couple of years, and since Photoshop or Affinity Photo isn’t going to be available for Linux, I have to find something that I can use. Apparently using Gimp is one of the ( more… )

TV Schedule

I have been trying to keep up with my TV schedule which is kind of hard to do because, I do not have cable nor local TV, yet watching online has its up and down. But for the most part, I have manage to keep up certain shows that keeps ( more… )

Let’s Encrypt

I recently discovered Wildcards with Let’s Encrypt, it was something that I was waiting for a while, now that wild cards for let’s encrypt finally available. Here I will show/tell you how to generate your own wild cards for your domain instead of using their single generate certificates. I will ( more… )

Linux vs Windows

Lately for the past year or two, I have managed to move over to Linux because not only it is free but it was more easy to use and less have to deal with updates when using Windows. Windows 10 has its perks and eventually I still use it whenever ( more… )

GitHub Private Repositories

Ahh, finally, GitHub with Unlimited Private Repositories, thanks to Microsoft. I was paying $7.00/month just to store some private repositories and now its free, I’m glad that I do not need to spend that extra monthly fee whatsoever. The announcement came out when I was looking at my phone and ( more… )